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Go4UGA is the project developed as part of the high-priority institutional advising initiative to implement SAGE so that advisors can carry out job responsibilities and aid students towards successful degree completion.


Implementation of the following components will be considered in scope for this project:

  • Advisement scheduling tools
  • Ability to build advising plans for students
  • Ability to add public and private notes to a student’s record
  • Mobile capabilities such as text messaging, push notifications, and mobile access that are deemed appropriate by the project team
  • Import Student Advising & Registration Assistant (SARA) data into appropriate advising tools
  • Ability to ingest and display various student data from appropriate information systems
  • Ability to ingest and display/disseminate appropriately formatted analytics on academic performance and other factors from the University of Georgia’s Office of Institutional Research and other entities

These components will be achieved through implementing two products from Starfish by Hobsons: Starfish Connect and Starfish Early Alert.

Project Charter

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Today’s students face significant challenges as they navigate their higher education experience. Life happens every day, and no one is immune from the academic, financial, social, and wellness challenges that can derail a student’s progress. In order to keep these students engaged at your institution, you must accelerate, automate, and optimize your efforts to support them.

Starfish offers student success solutions and related services to harness the power of the campus community to engage, motivate, and graduate more students–securing valuable tuition revenue through greater student persistence.

Early Alert

Success is a moving target, and students need different kinds of encouragement at different times. The challenge is knowing which students are facing which obstacles – and then getting that information into the hands of the people who can help.

Starfish EARLY ALERT™, the early warning and student tracking module of the Starfish platform, collects information and manages concerns in a way that respects different groups’ unique workflows, so they can engage more deeply with more students.

Within any institution, there are a myriad of support services designed to help students overcome challenges and attain their goals. Research shows that students perform best when they spend time with the people on campus who can help them–typically their advisors, counselors, instructors, and tutors. Unfortunately, engaging students with these services is often easier said than done.

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Starfish CONNECT™, the online appointment scheduling and case management module of the Starfish platform, facilitates meaningful contact between students and their advisors, instructors, and tutors.

The module encourages students to engage more deeply in their academic lives by connecting them to the people and resources best equipped to help them succeed.