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Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

  1. Do incoming students who are going through Orientation need to interact with SAGE in any way? 

    No. Orientation students will not use SAGE until after their Orientation. An advisor in the student's specific school or college will make the Orientation Advising appointment for the incoming student. The new student will not interact with SAGE or make their first advising appointment themselves until their first official semester and they have been assigned a "Primary Advisor" in SAGE. The assignment of this advisor usually will happen after the student's Orientation session. 

  2. Who uses SAGE?

    The primary population using SAGE are Academic Advisors and undergradaute students. There are other campus partners using SAGE in different ways as well.
  3. What Internet browsers are compatible with SAGE?

    Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended browsers for using SAGE.
  1. How do I cancel my appointment?

    Log into SAGE. You should see your upcoming appointments on your homepage. Select the desired one then click "Cancel". Alternatively, you may click on the three dots in the lower left hand side and cancel the appointment.

    NOTE: Declining a calendar invite will NOT cancel your appointment.
  1. How soon does a student get a new advisor assigned in SAGE after changing their major?

    Once a student changes their major in Athena, a report is generated for SAGE. This process takes 24hrs. After that, a report is sent to the advising unit of the new major and someone will manually add a new advisor to the student. This process will then go through another overnight refresh and then will show up in the student’s success network. The entire process takes about 48 hours in total. This does not include weekends.
  1. Do graduate students have access to SAGE?

    No. At this time graduate students do not have access  to SAGE.
  1. How can I schedule an appointment?

    Log into your SAGE account. You will see your Success Network. Click the three dots next to the person you want to make an appointment with. This will take you to their available appointments. Faculty members are not using SAGE at this time so only their contact information will be visible.
  2. SAGE is not letting me make an appointment with my advisor, what should I do?

    If you are unable to make an appointment with your advisor via SAGE, please reach out directly to your advisor via email or telephone. All of their contact information is listed in SAGE.
  3. How do I opt in to receiving text notifications?

    Please refer to the following document for instructions on how to opt in to receiving text notifications.

For Non-Student Users

  1. After a student has left UGA, how long do they have access to SAGE?

    Students will have access to SAGE until they have been away from UGA for 3 consecutive semesters. Students are removed after graduation and transferring because they are no longer deemed “active” in the system.
  1. What Internet browsers are compatible with SAGE?

    Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended browsers for using SAGE.
  2. How do faculty/staff members request access to SAGE?

    An employee cannot request access for his/herself. An direct supervisor will to request the access on the employee's behalf.

    If you are in a unit currently using SAGE, please request access via CASIS. In the comments section of CASIS, please make sure to indicate what the reasoning is behind needing SAGE access as well as what you will be using it for. Each access request must be approved by a DDDS (Dean, Director, Department Head, or Supervisor) before it will be process by the Office of the Registrar. You will receive a confirmation email once access has been approved.

    If you are not in a unit currently using SAGE and would like to learn more, please reach out via email at


  1. How can I integrate SAGE with my UGAMail (Outlook) calendar?

    Integration with Outlook calendar can be done using the calendar sharing feature. Instructions to complete this task are included in the training materials.
  1. What is Compass and how can I obtain an account?

    Compass is Hobson's (vendor of SAGE) customer relations portal. An account will grant you access to webinars, engage with counterparts at other institutions and submit as well as vote on product ideas (feature requests). A request goes under consideration to be added to SAGE once it reaches 500 votes. Please refer to this link to see how to create your account and see this link for information on submitting and voting on feature requests.
  1. Who uses SAGE?

    The primary population using SAGE are academic advisors and undergraduate students. There are other campus partners using SAGE in different ways as well. Please reach out to the Office of Academic Advising Services via email at if your department is interested in engaging with SAGE.
  1. How do I change the locations I am available for appointments in SAGE?

    If you log into your SAGE account, in the upper left-hand corner you will see three lines, click on those to reveal a menu. Click on the small downward facing arrow next to your name to reveal another menu.  Select “Appointment Preferences”. You will be able to add a location under the “My Locations” section.
  1. How can advisor input notes for a student not yet at UGA but will likely be attending?

    To accomplish this, you may use the “Prospective Student” tool. If you go to your “Student” page in SAGE. At the top you will see a box for Prospective Student. Click on this. At first, you will be prompted to put in their name and then search for them. This is to ensure that a profile for them does not already exist. After this, you will select “create new” and you will create that student. It is imperative that you enter all the information.
  2. How do I make changes in SAGE?

    With regards to adding or deleting relationships, you will need to use SAGE Management. Please refer to the SAGE Management wiki for more information.
  3. When will training be offered?

    Trainings for the SAGE program are offered every semester. There are generally two in the fall and spring and one in the summer. Please check the Training and Development website for the official class offerings for each semester.